balance assessment: what to expect

Balance assessments are conducted using videonystagmography (VNG), which allows us to evaluate your balance function by monitoring your eye movement with specialised goggles. 

After a detailed discussion about your balance symptoms, we perform a series of diagnostic tests looking for any induced dizziness or unusual eye movements under differing conditions of eye, neck, body, and head position. 

Following this, it is necessary to induce a mild dizziness by altering the temperature of your ear canals using warm or cool air while you are lying safely on a bed. Some patients are nervous about the dizziness that can occur during this test but it is normally brief and bearable. 

Prior to your appointment:

  • Please ask your GP to check your ear canals for excessive wax.

  • Please do not take any dizziness medication for 48 hours.

  • Please thoroughly remove all eye makeup.

  • Please do not consume alcohol for 24 hours.