37% of hearing loss in Australia is caused by excessive noise exposure, which is preventable.*

Custom ear plugs are a comfortable, discreet and effective form of hearing protection.

Custom ear plugs can be made to suit many purposes and come in a large variety of colours. Optional extras include neck cords, handles and removal lines. 'Modular' musicians plugs also have the option of additional filters with different levels of attenuation that you can change to suit your situation.

We deal with several suppliers including ReSound Hearing and Pacific Ears. If you have a preferred supplier, feel free to discuss this with us.


Noise Plugs
Custom noise plugs provide maximum protection against excessive and potentially damaging noise exposure, with up to 40dB attenuation. Suitable for construction workers, metal workers and heavy machinery operators. For extremely high noise conditions, custom plugs may be worn under ear muffs.
Specialist plugs for motorcyclists and shooting are also available. 
Price: $140-$350 dependant upon supplier and optional extras
Pictured: ReSound Noise HearSavers (yellow with connecting cord) $165


Musicians Plugs
Musician plugs are designed to be comfortable and provide hearing protection while preserving sound quality. Suitable for concert-goers, musicians, sound crew, DJs, bands and orchestras. Choose the level of protection required, up to 25dB. Passive or modular (you can change the level of attenuation with additional filters) models are available.
Price: $195-$300 dependant upon supplier and optional extras
Pictured: *Phoenix Passive Filtered Musicians Plugs (red & white) $195 (1 colour standard)


Swimming Plugs
Swimmers earplugs ensure that your ears are kept warm and dry when you are enjoying the water. Available in floating or non-floating!
Suitable for swimmers, surfers, people prone to ear infections and people with grommets or ruptured ear drums.
Price: approx. $165
Pictured: *Phoenix Swim Plugs (orange glitter) $165


Sleep Plugs
Sleep easy with soft, flexible sleep plugs to silence traffic noise, noisy neighbours or snoring bedfellows. 
Price: approx. $165
Pictured: Soft ReSound Sleep HearSavers (transparent blue) $165

*Please note: Our previous preferred supplier (Phoenix) is no longer in business, so some of the colour options pictured (glitter and 2 colour) are no longer available. Depending on the supplier selected, there will be a number of colour options available to you that you may select on the day.


Custom ear plugs are only effective if they are well fitted. For best results, our suppliers require good quality, deep impressions of each ear to be made out of silicone impression material.  It’s a quick and easy procedure, which takes approximately 10 minutes.

Please note: Taking impressions may cause discomfort as the deeper part of the ear canal is very sensitive. It is also not possible to take good impressions if the ear canal is very waxy. If you know you are prone to wax build-up, please have your ears checked by your GP prior to your impression appointment.


The prices listed above are for a pair of custom ear plugs and includes your appointments for taking impressions and fitting the plugs. Our Audiologists are also happy to take impressions for your online orders, such as for in-ear monitors, headphone adapters and communication pieces. The appointment would cost $55 (including impressions).