Newsletter 2014


In this Issue:

  • New name. New look. Same service.

  • Service Overview

  • Meet our new audiologist

  • OHS Online

  • Professional Development Update

                                  Nicole, Lisa and Iain

You may have noticed that Iain Summerlin Audiology has had a make-over. While we have a new name and a new look, we can assure you that there have been no changes in ownership or the services that we offer.

Summerlin Audiology is an independent hearing service provider, so we can offer a range of solutions to meet the needs and budget of our clients.

We specialise in:

  • Hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings and aural rehabilitation for private and OHS Voucher clients

  • Paediatric hearing assessments (4yrs+)

  • Diagnostic balance assessment with calorics

  • Diagnostic electrophysiological assessment (ABR, SVR)

  • Baseline and Subsequent WorkCover hearing assessments

  • Custom ear plugs (musicians plugs, noise protection, swim & sleep plugs)

               Nicole Stagoll

Team Update

We have a new audiologist! Nicole joined our team in January to fill the space left by Hannah Bennett as she focuses her energy on her own paediatric clinic, Kids Hear.

Nicole graduated from UWA with her Masters qualification in Clinical Audiology in 2013. After 2 years of post-graduate study and steady progress through her clinical internship with Iain, she already has a wealth of audiological experience.

In addition to working in our West Perth clinic, Nicole will be   working with Hannah at Kids Hear to build her experience in hearing and central auditory processing assessments for children.


The Office of Hearing Services Voucher Program is now online!

This is very exciting for us, but what does it mean for you? Essentially the whole process from checking eligibility for free hearing services to receiving a voucher can be completed online in a few minutes - compared to sitting on the phone to Canberra for enough time to finish your afternoon tea, then waiting for your voucher to arrive by snail-mail, this really is a breakthrough!

For the not-so-web-savvy, we can now complete the application on their behalf. All we need is the applicant's:

1. Written consent

2. Australian Pensioner Number (CRN), and

3. Doctor referral

To find out more about the program, call us or visit

Professional Development Update

Continuing Professional Development is mandatory to remain a member of Audiology Australia, the national self-regulating body for Audiologists. This means regular attendance at educational conferences, workshops and seminars, not only to ’brush up’ on techniques, but to learn about new research into the auditory system, treatments for ear and hearing related ailments and new hearing rehabilitation devices. Although away from the office, these are very rejuvenating experiences and will add to our repertoire of clinical skills. Please accept our apologies if we are not immediately available for consultation due to attendance at one of these functions.

We have recently updated our evoked potential diagnostic equipment, and to ensure that we can use it efficiently and effectively, Iain attended a 3-day refresher course on electrophysiology in Sydney, hosted by GNOtometrics. Electrophysiological testing can be used in the diagnosis of neural disorders of the auditory system, as well as being an effective way to assess the hearing of a ‘difficult to test’ patient, such as a very young child.

Nicole has also been busy, recently attending a 3-day course on balance disorders and their diagnosis, in addition to implementing some new tools into our assessment protocols to ensure that we are working to current evidence-based ‘best practice’ guidelines.

Thank you for your attention. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.