assistive listening devices

Whether or not you wear hearing aids, assistive listening devices (ALDs) can help you to tune in to the sounds you need to hear. Our audiologists are able to give you advice on the range of ALDs available and recommend those most likely to help you where you need it most.

Personal FM Systems

Personal FM systems use a remote microphone to bring a speaker’s voice or audio signal (including TV) directly to the listener by using digital wireless technology. FM systems are unsurpassed in their ability to improve speech intelligibility in noise and over distance (lectures, church, etc).

Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth devices allow signals from mobile phones, TVs, Mp3 players, tablets and computers to stream wirelessly to your hearing aids. This improves the sound quality, reduces the interference of background noise and prevents feedback (whistling) caused by holding a phone over your hearing aid.

Wireless TV headphones

Wireless headphones are an easy and effective way to bring the sound of the television directly to the wearer, increasing its clarity and volume. This is a simple solution for people without hearing aids that prefer the TV a little louder.

Amplified telephones

Specialised amplified telephones allow you to control the volume of the ringer and the speaker so that you can use the phone more effectively. If you use hearing aids with an inbuilt telecoil, most amplified phones will also be able to stream the speaker’s voice directly into your hearing aid using magnetic induction, making the signal clearer and communication easier.

Captioned telephones


CapTel captioned telephones show captions of everything your caller says on an extremely large display screen to help make sure you catch every word. The captions are provided by a free internet-based service that uses voice recognition to automatically display captions for every call, quickly and accurately. You also have the option of a boosted loudspeaker to hear your caller better.

Alerting systems

We can recommend a number of visual or amplified devices designed to alert you to the doorbell, phone ringing, smoke alarm, alarm clock, etc.