Sound familiar?

Perhaps a cordless TV headset is the answer.

Whether the problem is background noise, hearing loss, sleeping children or simply that you like it louder, listening to your favourite TV or radio program at a volume that is not comfortable for others can be an unpleasant experience all round.

Sennheiser produces a great range of wireless and infrared cordless headsets that can be used for the TV or radio, that will allow you to personalise your listening experience.

Some great features available include:

  • A simple plug and play design

  • High fidelity sound

  • A personal volume control (some even have one for each ear)

  • An induction neck loop for hearing aid wearers (with telecoil compatibility)

  • Comfortable soft foam or rubber ear buds OR supra-aural headphones

  • Wireless headsets allow total freedom with clear reception through walls and ceilings and a transmission range of up to 100 metres

  • Infra-red headsets can only transmit by line-of-sight, but they may be taken with you (no base required) to theatres which are equipped with an infra-red assistive listening system

Set 900 - Infrared headset with rubber ear buds and individual volume control.

We currently have some TV headphones available for loan from our West Perth clinic. Please call us on 9481 0912 to check availability.