Radio National

Radio National: Have I got a hearing aid for you!

We would like to acknowledge the recent report by Radio National regarding conflicts of interest in some Australian audiology clinics. We understand that many hearing aid wearers would be highly alarmed by some of the issues discussed in the program due to the lack of transparency offered by some hearing professionals. We would like to reassure our clients and others seeking hearing healthcare that we are not all alike. At Summerlin Audiology, we always endeavour to provide professional, honest and ethical services.

Our promises to you are:

  • We are NOT owned by any hearing aid manufacturers - we are owned and managed exclusively by a highly experienced and reputable Audiologist, Iain Summerlin and we have the freedom to work with any hearing device manufacturer.

  • Our Audiologists are highly trained and have internationally recognised post-graduate university qualifications in Audiology.

  • We DO NOT receive any personal rewards or commissions for sales.

  • Our Audiologists are members of Audiology Australia (our national professional regulatory body for Audiologists) and we abide by their Codes of Ethics and Professional Practice.

  • We are ALWAYS willing to answer any of your questions and discuss all of your personal preferences (financial or otherwise) in an honest and transparent way.

  • We will NEVER coerce you to purchase hearing instruments if you are not ready or not happy with a device that you have tried. That is why we offer a trial period of 30 days to allow you to make up your own mind.

  • We don’t recommend top of the range hearing aids to all clients.  Rather, we look at the listening needs of each client, and recommend a hearing device that has features that will assist them in meeting these needs.

  • We don’t provide “free hearing tests” in the waiting room. All hearing assessments are performed by our Audiologists on a fee basis. This means that our hearing aid users are not subsidising the cost of providing free hearing assessments to other clients with exorbitant prices for hearing aids. It also means that we are putting value on all aspects of what we do, charging for audiological services, rather than charging for hearing aid sales.

  • Our key interest is in practising good Audiology and achieving the best outcomes for our Clients.

If you still have concerns or questions about services from Audiologists, please don’t hesitate to contact us.